Alan Hiscox

Many thanks for the excellent job you did when I brought my car in for its first service. You immediately discovered a problem with one tyre that appeared to have a huge slash in it and could easily have caused me a problem had I driven on it for much longer. That, plus the slow puncture in another tyre were the main things that caused concern and I am grateful for your swift action in providing a new tyre and having the other repaired.

The car is now driving smoothly and I am extremely grateful for the work you and your staff did for me on that day. The fact I could hide in your office form the freezing cold weather also helped, although I did go across to the library to do some work on the computer whilst waiting.

All in all, a very professional job done and it was well worth travelling the 5 miles to your workshop to have the work done. I will recommend you whenever I can as it is so good to know that your experience, courtesy and care means I can drive safely and securely once again.

Please also thank your staff as they too were courteous and helpful in every way.